The Feldenkrais Method is an extraordinary global somatic education system that uses movement to develop full self-awareness and improve one's self-image.

The Feldenkrais Method acts by reorganizing in a more functional way the movements and actions that we perform in daily life (eg to stretch to take an object, sit or stand up from a chair, walk, run, play an instrument, etc.) resulting in greater general well-being. This reorganization occurs spontaneously when people are able to clearly perceive their habits and have the opportunity to discover alternatives that can feel better. Therefore, through the various experiences offered by the Feldenkrais Method, the awareness of the body in movement increases, proprioception develops, the quality of gestures and movements is improved and the image of oneself improves. Our daily life can therefore reacquire ease and vitality, lightness and flexibility, and improve in precision and effectiveness.
It is therefore an indispensable support that helps us to live a more dynamic and full life.

Characteristic of the method is the use of movements that the person can feel pleasant and safe. With the practice of the method everyone becomes the architect of his own global well-being, improving the ability to act in the surrounding way. In short, one becomes master of oneself. Feldenkrais is particularly recommended for people with special needs and who therefore experience particular difficulties in performing daily actions or who feel strenuous and inefficient.

To practice the Feldenkrais Method it is enough to have curiosity, openness to exploration, to know oneself and to listen to one's body.

Suitable for : all

What to bring : your curiosity!

LOCATION : River Park- Via Lungo Piave Inferiore - San Donà di Piave (VE)

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