27 - 29 August 2021


The word Chakra literally means 'wheel', but it is also described as 'vortex', and this gives the idea of the chakras as energy centers, regulating the flow of energy (prana) in our body. According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the chakras are in fact the human strengths points associated with organs and glands.

The seven main Chakras are all in fact associated with important organs and endocrine glands, which regulate hormonal production.

The main chakras are linked to shapes and colors and this facilitate us in our visualizations during the practice of asanas or in meditation.
From a Yoga point of view, associating some Asanas (positions) with the chakras makes us better understand the benefits they can have on our body.

During this practice we will have the chance to bring awareness to the different energy centers in our body, allowing them to harmonize and rebalance.

Suitable for : all

What to bring : a towel

LOCATION : Info point Piazza Indipendenza - San Donà di Piave (Ve)

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