27 - 29 August 2021
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San Donà di Piave - River Park

As soon as you reach San Donà, while crossing the bridge on the river Piave, you can see it immediately on the right hand: an over six hectare spontaneous park is the first important visiting card of the town.
Favourite destination all year round of residents, who get there very easily as it is at a few hundred meters from the town centre, and of tourists and river fishing lovers, it has become a very beautiful naturalistic island year by year.
The environment has very charming views, nice glades and a particularly valuable woody heritage.

The origin of the Park as it is dates back to 1975 and the conservation works have respected, from year to year, its genuine and not unnatural at all aspect that makes this area a very pleasant oasis.

The Park gently lay down on the right bank of the Piave. 
It has become part of the urban background that San Donà has been able to keep handsome and on a human scale, although it has actually become the cultural and economic pole of the Basso Piave.


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